Tithes and Offerings
The money you give as tithe is put in our general fund and is used to pay personnel costs, ministry expenses, mortgages and leases, facility operations and maintenance. Tithe literally means 10 percent, because we believe that when we give 10 percent off the top to God as an act of faith and obedience, we open the doors of Heaven's provision.
Any giving you do beyond the tithe is called an offering.  Thank you for your generous giving.


Thanks for your interest in supporting the ministries of Beacon Hill Worship Center. Your financial support enables us to share the gospel both locally and globally. For your convenience we provide several different ways for you to give including online and by mail. If you're not sure about the distinction between tithes and offerings, read the descriptions below. We thank you for your joyful giving, and pray that God blesses you for your obedience and generosity.




Make checks payable to 

Beacon Hill Worship Center

and mail to:

Beacon Hill Worship Center

911 Miller Blvd.

Madison, AL 35758