"The Dream is Becoming Reality" is the phrase that Pastor Anthony and Lady Sa'Brina began to echo as they started on the journey of planting a church in 2004. The dream of a place of worship where men and women of all races, cultures, and socio-economic status could come and worship God without the barriers that seperate us in everyday life. Beacon Hill Worship Center is the formal name that was given to Lady Sa'Brina for the church. "A Guiding Light Ministry" is what they believe God has called The Beacon to be. Their greatest desire is to help people their way to Christ as their personal Savior.


​​​Where We Were

Without the support of a sponsoring local church and months of planning, Pastor and First Lady Wheeler stepped out on faith and opened the doors of 911A Miller Blvd, Madison, AL to hold the first worship service of Beacon Hill Worship Center. This name was give to First Lady Wheeler months prior to the launch date. Six families completely sold out to this vision and dream joined on that first Sunday in January 2005. Over the next couple of years, growth continued as many people experienced the life-change that only God can bring as they discovered and pursued a devoted relationship with Jesus Christ.Soon after the start of the ministry the Lord revealed to Pastor Wheeler that we were to purchase the 11,500 square ft. property at Miller Blvd. At that time we were renting only 3,000 square ft. of the property. Through Pastor Wheeler’s leadership we witnessed the power of God at work through and in our congregation as we acquired the property. The Lord has provided the resources through His people for us to thus far do all renovations and expansions debt free.


​Where We Are

We are now at a pivotal point in ministry, our Ministry DNA is being determined as we more clearly understand and define what it is that God has called us to be as a body of believers.  The Light of the World: A City that is set on a Hill cannot be Hidden, Matt 5:14. We’ve embraced the call of discipleship and take serious the command given to us by Jesus in Matthew 28:19, 20. We best describe our purpose in two phrases to Educate and Empower to Live the Word, and Encourage and Equip to Share the Word. All that we do is in light of those purposes. Since adjusting our focus in this manner we have seen our weekly attendance double. Numerous people are accepting Christ as their personal Savior, being baptized and beginning their journey of living a Spirit Filled Life. Although numerical growth is not our priority we do believe that it is a byproduct of effective evangelism.


​Where We Are Going

At this critical moment in time, we feel that it is imperative that the Church’s message to the world is crystal clear “Jesus Saves.”  So we have taken months of prayer, study, and research to clarify and make plain what it is that we believe God has called us to accomplish as a body of believers, and have developed strategies to assist us in remaining focused. We are creating opportunity and providing a platform for all who call The Beacon Home to become Contagious Christians, “Helping people find their way.”

At The Beacon we’ve give much care to not becoming a church that is driven by building campaigns. Instead we desire to be Christ driven and as God grows our congregation we will expand, build, and or acquire facilites to accommodate our growth. As we continue to implement phases of the vision that God has given us through our leader we purpose to remain a safe place where people from all walks of life can come and grow in their walk with Christ,

Since those early days, God has continues to bless The Beacon with expanding opportunities to fulfill its God-given mission and potential. As we look to our future, the "Dream" has never been more clear nor our purpose more of a reality than now. Now more than ever, The Beacon is committed to "Loving God, Loving People, and Serving The World" – no matter what it takes! We’ve only seen a glimpse of what God has for us in the future, but if our future path is anything like our historic journey up to this point, then we’re in for quite an incredible ride with Him! We remind ourselves that all we are, do, and will become as a church is for Christ, because of Christ, and to the Glory of Christ.

How The Beacon Began